Tablecloth Peonies Color


Tablecloths with pattern Peonies Color
Along with banquet tablecloths, serviettes, napkins and table skirting, tablecloth belongs to table linen. Just a fun fact: long ago, a padded lining “molton” used to be placed under the tablecloth. “Molton”, made from soft fabric of felt or flannel type, made the tablecloth fit the table better, protected the table surface and softened the sounds of the dishes being laid. The type and colour of the tablecloth had to be adjusted to the occasion, the table and of course the type of meal.

Our tablecloths can be used without consulting any specialist manuals!

Thanks to their juicy colours and plant motifs, full of tasty vegetables and fruits, even a fussy eater will work up an appetite. Coffee served on a tablecloth with our unique design will give you even more joy than usual. Patterns will set the bright and lively mood for you space.

The tablecloth is sewn from thick linen.

Dimensions: 150cm x 200cm
Composition: 100% cotton

The original pattern was designed for dziendobry by Jasmina Parkita.

Pattern layout on each and every item is different, therefore the delivered product may differ slightly from the one shown on the photographs.

The colours in the pictures may differ slightly from the actual products depending on the monitor’s settings.

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