backpacks rollpak

We created RollPAK backpacks in cooperation with PAK.IN brand. These are medium sized backpacks which roll up and fasten with a metal buckle. Thanks to a large external pocket you can pack many essential things. In the inner sturdy compartment you can easily fit your laptop. That’s why the backpacks are exceptionally spacious and comfortable to use.

Cheerful prints – multicoloured flowers, evergreen leaves, exotic animals, geometric shapes – all radiate positive energy! Share your good day, stand out in the grey crowd, cheer up the city with your very presence! Unique prints were designed by Jasmina Parkita.

RollPAK backpacks are made out of abrasion-resistant fabric with microfibre lining. That’s why they won’t let you down in any situation. It is undoubtedly noteworthy that you can take our backpacks as hand luggage on the plane.