Patterned designer clothing for women, in limited collections, is created to make you look beautiful, original and share your positive energy with others every day! Only here you will find unique patterns: fruits, vegetables, plants, animals, as well as crazy abstractions. Thanks to them, your current outfits will find some novelty.

dziendobry is women’s patterned clothing that takes the concept of Slow Fashion seriously. Created by people for people, in a city with textile traditions, it will delight all those looking for a unique style. Jackets, coats and sweatshirts in fashionable cuts, light T-shirts and shirts, dresses of extraordinary beauty, trousers, swimwear. Also accessories for everyday outfits.

We create patterned clothes that fascinate with their combination of colours and patterns. You put on a loose T-shirt with flowers – and say “Good day!” to everyone around you, bringing smile to the city’s “face”. You put on a dress with berries print and announce to each and every one that you love life! This is how we imagine you in our original patterned clothes.

dziendobry – it’s not just colourful clothing, but also a positive message that you can wear every day! Our women’s clothing is created to make you look original every day and feel comfortable in your own skin – so that you could share your energy with others!