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Leggins Aruba, for yoga and more
We know this may sound strange, but these leggings have magical properties. Our dream is to make clothes that have a positive effect on people, improve their mood and well-being – and these leggings work 100%!
Not only according to Jasmina, but also as reported by some of our friends and clients – for some reason, our leggings have a slimming effect. Perhaps because of the high waist? In any case, they are definitely very comfortable to exercise in, exactly because of their high waist.
Or maybe because of the thin elastic in the waist, which ensures the leggings sit perfectly without pressing or cutting into the skin?
Or maybe because they are really long, so they even reach below the ankles and not barely to the calves?
Or maybe because of the lycra we used?
Whatever it is, these leggings ask to be worn.
Even Jasmina’s friend, Emilka, who likes neither patterns nor sport ;), wears the leggings of peony colour and often even with them for several days on end. She matches then with a sweatshirt or jumper.
The leggins always look good, even when you move to the deepest bows – because our very densely knitted lycra prevents the print from stretching.
Every leggings can be matched by the same pattern top –>

Composition: 87% polyester, 13% elastane.

Machine-wash inside out at 40°C.

Pattern designed for dziendobry by Jasmina Parkita.

The model is wearing size M and is 170 cm tall.

*Pattern layout on each and every clothing item is different, therefore the delivered product may differ slightly from the one shown on the photographs.

*The colours in the pictures may differ slightly from the actual products depending on the monitor’s settings.


Jasmina tells about her quite literal road to yoga (thanks to which, these leggings came to life):

“I had been intending for a good couple of years to start practicing yoga, but I couldn’t actually bring myself to classes. However, it seems like the universe is actually watching over me, because once, on a walk in Lodz, on Piotrkowska Street, I found a business card of one yoga school. Just like that – it was lying on the street. There were a few sentences on the card about yoga: how it is like music, how it is the harmony of body and soul. I immediately thought “well… now I have no other choice but to submit to my fate”. I signed up for classes the next day, because it turned out that the school was right next to my house!
Thanks to yoga, I started feeling much better in my body. I go to classes regularly, and when I don’t have time or I am away, I practice alone at home. I want to improve myself in this, I want to know a lot and learn more and more. I dream of producing not only yoga clothes but also mats, rollers, and various other accessories.

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