Oversize jacket Sepia


Oversize jacket with the pattern Sepia is a very soft jacket with a rather loose cut that is comfortable to wear.

How did we come up with this jacket idea? Jasmina will tell:

“I used to have a similar jacket from my cousin who lives in Denmark and who has always had amazing clothes. This jacket had a very soft, thick cotton lining – I had never seen anything similar before or since then. I loved it, but unfortunately I lost it somewhere at one festival when I was younger, and I still regret it nowadays! So then I thought I would just make something similar. The most important thing for me was that the jacket be as soft as a blanket that you would love to wrap yourself in. So I can hide in it like in a typical sweatshirt, and yet it’s a jacket, an outerwear.”

So we did it, and here we have this jacket, which is exactly like Jasmina imagined: loose, soft and protective – just try it on and you won’t agree take it off!

We used a thick, soft tracksuit knit for the lining, and the top is made of soft “ortalin” – to protect from drizzling rains. The sleeves are long and thick like in a sweatshirt.

The hood with the collar has the same thick cotton inside.

At the front, the jacket fastens with an asymmetrical diagonal zip (as inspired by biker jackets). Thanks to this design, there is more fabric in the front, which overlaps thus creating additional layer to warm us up.

The oversize jacket Sepia also has deep, comfortable pockets, which have been requested by Jasmina too, because she likes to carry all her things in the pockets: phone, banana, protein bar, gluten-free waffles – and even a thermos with soup (no jokes)!

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Composition: 100% polyester (top), 100% – cotton (underside).

Degree of water resistance: 1 - for light rain, you will not get wet, if you hide quickly and run to a tree or to a tram.

Pattern designed for dziendobry by Jasmina Parkita.

  • Pattern layout on each and every clothing item is different, therefore the delivered product may differ slightly from the one shown on the photographs.
  • The colours in the pictures may differ slightly from the actual products depending on the monitor’s settings.

The model is wearing size S and is 168 cm tall.

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