Graphic “India”

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Graphic / drawing “India”, June 2020.

Inspired by Indian fabrics, created after my first trip to Goa, India. Charged with Goan sunsets and days spent on the beach, the sounds of Tibetan bowls and ethnic beats from The Source in Arambol, where it takes place almost every day  extatic dance ❤️ 

It was one of those life-changing journeys, so I have a huge fondness for this picture  🙏

Jasmina Parkita

Digital graphics, digital textile prints* on stretchers**
* a waterproof, abrasion-resistant cordura-type fabric. Matt, has a delicate texture. The print is durable, has intense colours, does not fade.
** attached to canvas wedges (like a painting), ready to hang.

Graphics are sold without a frame; signed by the author on the back.

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