Graphic “Black Rider – Journey”

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Original artwork of Jasmina Parkita from series “Black Rider – Magic”.

The series initiated in 2016 named Black Rider it’s grafic story about love fascynation.

“Black Rider is personification of crazy man with dark eyes and skin. His roots go back to the Arab countries, where he spend his childhood. Next he started his journey across world full of new peaks to conquered. He has an overwhelming will to do everything. He is fluently in many languages unknown to us, indeed he can communicate only with creatures of his own kind, other people irritate him terribly and make him furious repeatedly. It’s hard to stop him because he is permanent in a state of mad rush ensuing from his nature. Black Rider is extremely interesting person, seems to have many talents and passions, however, due to his temperament and lack of patience, also dangerous.”

Digital graphics, digital textile prints* on stretchers**
* a waterproof, abrasion-resistant cordura-type fabric. Matt, has a delicate texture. The print is durable, has intense colours, does not fade.
** attached to canvas wedges (like a painting), ready to hang.

Graphics are sold without a frame; signed by the author on the back.

Should you have any questions about other formats, please contact us via e-mail: or by phone: +48 883 167 623

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