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dziendobry store

is created by us:

Jasmina Parkita – a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz with a major in Textile Print. Illustrator, graphic designer, textile prints designer. Author of album covers for Czeslaw Spiewa, Magda Umer, Monika Borzym, Happysad, Artur Andrus and others.

Norbert Serafin – a graduate of the School of Art and Design in Lodz with a major in Film and Television Production. Photographer, cinematographer, painter, artist, fixer. Cinematographer of the award-winning films at film festivals in Poland.

Our production takes place in Lodz Province, therefore we can proudly say our products are 100% Made in Poland. We cooperate with small, often even one-man, businesses and manufactories – and that means direct contact with people. Because of this, not only do we have an insight into the production of each and every detail and element, but we also gain knowledge and get help from experienced craftsmen. Very often we make friends with them and maintain warm relations. All these relations are important to us, starting from knitwear manufacturers, printers, cutters, seamstresses, to customers. We value honesty: in production, in quality, in design, in cooperation with people and, finally, in pricing. For us, Slow Fashion is a certainty that products will survive more than one season. Which, in turn, brings only positive effects, such as minimising waste and environmental pollution.

dziendobry store – we keep going

At this point, we are focusing primarily on the textile patterns. We try to make each pattern unique. We print them on basic clothes and use durable printing methods. Currently, our women’s collection offers a classic coat, an oversize jacket and a bomber.

The parka jacket comes in several of our unconventional designs. If a graphic on it is a printed photograph, then such parka is called a jaggiz. For heave rains and extraordinary adventures, we recommend a waterproof storm jacket. We are also expanding our range of men’s clothing: now, a men’s parka and a bomber are available. In the near future, there will also be a winter jacket, men’s trousers, a hoodie, and also classic men’s sweatshirt.

In dziendobry you will find many variations of shirts, e.g. a shirt with kimono sleeves, a T-shirt, an oversize shirt, a comfortable body and a blouse. To keep out of the cold, you can choose from several types of our sweatshirts: hoodies, bombers, and, of course, irreplaceable throw-on (cardigan-type) sweatshirt. To finish off the look, you can choose among matching trousers, leggings, pencil or midi skirts. Surely, this is not it yet, since dziendobry also offers a shoulder strap dress, a shirt dress and even a jumpsuit. We also have a series of products appearing only seasonally: swimsuit, winter jacket, tube scarf. In the future, we plan to produce a ladies’ suit – an elegant jacket with trousers. In addition, we will extend our men’s and women’s collections with the so-called “basics”, i.e. clothes without any graphics, but which would match greatly out patterned clothes.

We focus on simple cuts and a casual, comfortable style. We value comfort and colour. We want our clients to feel cozy yet special at the same time.

Accessories from dziendobry

Our accessories also deserve attention, because it’s in this category that you’ll find backpacks created in cooperation with PAK.IN. A bagyPAK, as the name suggests, is a mix of a very spacious bag with a backpack – and it would be of great in any trip. The rollpack, on the other hand, combines modern design with functionality and comfort of a backpack. Next we have a drawstring bag. Despite its smaller size, this bag is, too, up to the task of fitting many things inside – and, besides it has a lightweight and youthful look. If, however, you are an advocate of the more traditional “means of transport”, you will feel special with our shoulder bag. We are thinking about extending our bags offer soon, because both a laptop bag and a fanny pack are very frequently requested by you.

What more can you want?

The dziendobry store can do even more… for example, we’ve placed your favourite graphics on a wallpaper! Yes – no mistake here – dziendobry also offers wallpapers. With printing done on a textile, we get self-adhesive wallpaper – Wallstick. An alternative to it is Prowall – printed non-pasted wallpaper.

If you like to experiment with home accessories, we encourage you to check out our pillows and tablecloths. A pillow with the Peonies, Oranges or Greengrocery design will instantly brighten up the room and change its character. The tablecloth, in turn, can be presented either at family dinners or used in everyday life – our tasty prints will definitely when your appetite.

What are dziendobry’s future plans?

To learn our most closely guarded secrets, find us on social media: follow us either on Facebook or Instagram to be up-to-date with all our novelties.

We can already unveil one mystery to you: we’re now testing a new colourful children’s collection! We’ve got a children’s T-shirt and a body – for the youngest fans of patterns. At the same time, a sweatshirt matched by a pair of trousers for boys and girls has already been approved! The verdict of the little ones is clear – it’s colourful! We recommend our children’s clothing as a gift that will please both kids and their parents!